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   Martin Luther King
   Malcolm X



This site is part of eBlack Studies. Created and maintained by Abdul Alkalimat, DAAS, GSLIS, UIUC.

  This is a website developed by Abdul Alkalimat and Associates. The purpose is twofold: to serve the community and to build a data set for research. 
Cyber Church started at the University of Toledo , and has now moved to the University of Illinois. It is maintained by students in African American Studies as part of academic research in the Department of African American Studies at UIUC. It is also maintained as part of the mission of UIUC as a land grant institution, to serve the community with research for social progress, economic development and an increase in the quality of life for people in the society.
On the left frame of the website are resources that relate to the religious life of the African American community. The church is the foundational institution and plays multiple roles in addition to religion - leadership, economics, networking, cultural expression and creativity, etc. The study of the African American church is important for Black Studies. 
City by city, state by state, our plan is to map Black churches on the website in their thousands. This will only happen when people in the community rise to the challenge of becoming community based researchers in the interest of the institutional resources of their community. The main part of the website is the ability to search the data base of churches. The main approach is to find a city, then configure the data as you want it displayed before calling the information forward. The site is being updated frequently so check back often. 
This project is connected to a new movement, the eBlack Studies movement . This is a major advance that will help legitimate digital scholarship as the cutting edge of 21st century research in Black Studies. This site is being supported by the Department of African American Studies and Community Informatics at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science
We are interested in recruiting people to become cyber organizers in their local community to build this website. We are especially reaching out to people in Black Studies academic programs and churches who want to join the mass migration into cyberspace. Please contact us to get involved. 
If you are a research person contact us to gain access to the data set we are building.